Strengthening The Marketing Aspects, Petrokimia Gresik Won 4 Awards

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Event : BUMN Marketeers Award 2019

Location : Gresik

Day/Date : Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

PTPetrokimia Gresik (PG), a subsidiary of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero), won 4 awardsin the 2019 BUMN Marketeers Award category of BUMN subsidiary in Jakarta,Wednesday (24/4). This prestigious marketing award was organized by BUMN PublicRelations Forum (FH BUMN) in collaboration with MarkPlus, Inc.

Theaward was handed over by Asmawi Syam, Special Staff of BUMN Ministry and wasreceived by PGMarketing Director Meinu Sadariyo. This activity was one of event series inJakarta Marketing Week (JMW) in 2019.

Thefour awards were The Most Promosing Company In Marketing 3.0, The Most PromisingCompany In Entrepreneurial SOEs, The Most Promising Company In Tactical Marketingand Then the Most Promising Company In Strategic Marketing.

"Thisaward is an appreciation form by those who pay attention to the hardwork ofPetrokimia Gresik, especially in marketing. We formulate strategies andprogrammes aiming to win the market amid the agricultural industry competitionthat is getting tougher”, Meinu said.

Meinufurther explained that the strategy carried out in marketing field was by keepingand increasing the market loyalty and massive expansion both in domestic andinternational market, starting from fertilizer products to non-fertilizerproducts. The goal was being the dominant player in agricultural sector andable to be a solution for agroindustry sector.

Whilethe programmes to achieve these targets included revitalizing marketing energy,strengthening marketing intelligence, revitalizing distributors and kiosks,improving distribution systems and logistics, strengthening brand image,product diversification, production capacity optimization, and so on.

Theprogrammes were supported by several tactics such as product testing throughdemonstration plots, socialization events or farmer gatherings, fostering youngfarmers, intensifying the marketing campaign online and offline, creatingdigital applications to facilitate consumers and product distribution, domesticmarket penetration (especially plantation and retail) and products export toforeign countries (fertilizer and non-fertilizer).

"Allthe strategies, programmes, and technical practices we have done are businesstransformation efforts which is currently being intensified by the company.This transformation program is a form of company adjustment to various changesin business models that occur within in recent years", Meinu added.

Thiseffort, Meinu continued, was carried out considering the increasinglycompetitive agricultural industry in Indonesia, especially the entry of variousforeign products at fairly competitive prices. Therefore, various programmesdelivered by PG Marketing Directorate were to meet and understand consumersdemands in a quick and precise manner. Since the company is currently the mostcomplete fertilizer manufacturer in Indonesia, from single fertilixer to compoundfertilizer, such as NPK with dozens of formulations for various agriculturaland plantation commodities.

"Inaddition, an increasingly competitive industry demands us to not only sellproducts, but also be able to offer solutions to the consumers through our productswe have. Where currently, we are not only focusing on fertilizer, but alsohaving complete products series, starting from superior seeds, soil enhancers,decomposers, probiotics, up to pest controlling", Meinu concluded.

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