Small-scale industry has a strategic role to increase the entire industry growth in the national economy, because it covers almost the entire businesses in village or city.

In this case, State-Owned Company participation needs to be increased to develop the economical and social conditions of society and surrounded environment through the partnership program with the small-scale industry to support society financial (democratic economy) activities and growth beside to create equitable development by enlarging job field, business opportunity, and society engagement.

PT Petrokimia Gresik has done the establishment toward the small-scale industry since 1984.

Terms to be fostered partner:

  1. Candidate of Fostered Partner with business sectors: Industry, Trade, Farm Business (Agriculture, Fisheries, Husbandry, Plantation), and Service.
  2. The maximum asset value is IDR 500 million (five hundred million Rupiah) or maximum turnover per year is IDR 2.5 billion (two billion five million Rupiah).
  3. Fill out the proposal and complete the administrative requirements.

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updated, 210421