PG Public Relations Performance, Again, Received National Recognition

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PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG), again, won national awards in public relations field. This time, the 2019 Public Relations (PR) event held by the Indonesian Public Relations Association (Perhumas), PG won 5 (five) awards. The awarding was carried out by General Chairman of Perhumas Indonesia, Agung Laksmana, to PG Public Relations Manager, Muhammad Ihwan, at 2019 PR Excellence Awards at the Grand Sahid Hotel, Jakarta, April 30th, 2019.

Five prestigious awards achieved by PG including, Crisis PR Handling Award, for organizing Media Handling Training for all Regional Sales Representative Staffs (SPDP) as Corporate Spokesmen; Marketing PR Award for Gebyar Phonska Plus Programme, which was considered good as one of company's communication channels; Award for Corporate Website Public Relations, which was considered good, communicative, user friendly, and contributive in supporting PR Digital Innovations 4.0; Award for synergy of PR and CSR programmes through Petrokimia Gresik Care and Share Programme; Award for Internal PR programmes, through I Dare You Challenge programme, PR and Human Resources/HR synergy programme.

PG Public Relations Manager, Muhammad Ihwan conveyed, PR programmes were indeed formulated since the beginning of the year to answer the challenges of corporate communication. "Of course the assessment standard is no longer sufficient and enough to be assessed by only internal company. We need input and assessment from the public at large, to see whether the programmes formulated by PR are relevant to the positioning, image and reputation of the company", he said.

To support the implementation of business transformation towards a fertilizer and chemical company for Agroindustry Solutions, PG continues to make various innovative breakthroughs. One of them is improving the performance of communication and information to stakeholders, related to image building, and company's positive reputation.

"This award is a proof of public recognition of PG's performance in field of public relations, and this is a whip for us to move forward", Ihwan said.

PR Excellence Awards is an annual event initiated by Perhumas as the definitive award programme for Public Relations/PR practitioners, both from the client and agency, which is designed as the highest awarding and appreciation medium for public relations activities. This event is intended for public relations institutions and professionals in public relations. Hartono

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