Employee Facilities

The Fulfillment of Employee Facilities

To support the employees’ performance, the company provides a variety of facilities to fulfill employee essential needs and their families as well. Further, some of those essential facilities are also generously for the societies who are living around the company.

Those essential types of facilities cover:

  • Spirituality, Education, Social & Health
    Spirituality, Education, Social and Health empowerments are enrolled by each division under the coordination of Company Employee Union (SKPG). The followings are the activities under the division.
    • Hajj Guidance as one of Islamic Pilgrimage
    • Nurul Jannah Mosque as one of the biggest mosque in Gresik
    • Holy Qur’an Boarding School Enrollment
    • Play Group and Elementary School Enrolment (Company Own Schools)
    • Elementary School (Company Own School)
    • Pre-School Education
    • Nurul Jannah Nursery School
    • Baitul Maal wat Tamwil Cooperative
    • Petro Graha Medika Hospital
  • Sport and Art Empowerments
    The company provides Tri Darma Sports Center to empower the development of sports and art as well for both the employees and society around the company. It comprises of Football Stadium, Tennis Courts, Fitness Center, and other supporting sport centers.
    The empowering of sport activities is in two areas; first, the activity is to uphold both achievement and non-achievement sports, second, it is to facilitate for recreational sports. Both activities are coordinated under the sport division of employee union of PKG. Whereas Social and Cultural Department of the company union of PKG coordinates art facilities and activities.

    The sub divisions of Arts and Sports comprise of;

    Athletic, Volley Ball, Badminton, Bridge, Chess, Futsal, Fitness/Bodybuilder, Golf, Karate, Fishing, Petrokimia’s Motor & Camping Club, Petrokimia Cycling Club, Gym, Aerobic, Exercise, Football Club, Silat, Tennis, Table Tennis, Swimming & Diving, Petrokimia Photo Club, Traditional Arts such as Reog, Hadrah, Karawitan, Campur Sari, keroncong, Employee Band Group, Art House, Flora and Fauna Associations, Archery
  • Cooperative of Petrokimia Employees (K3PG)
    Established since 1984, the cooperative is intended to meet the needs of all employees as members. However, some well-managed business units serve the public. More informations, click here.
  • Employee Housing
    Employee housing is to serve company top managements or functionaries as well as to provide housing for all company employees. The company foundation had provided soft loan for all staffs.