Petromart is an agricultural outlet that sells agricultural production facilities in retail, ranging from non-subsidized fertilizer products to Petrokimia Gresik Group development products, such as biological products, superior seeds, processed food products, probiotics, and pesticides. With the tagline "Complete Agricultural Solutions", Petromart also provides consultation services for consumers to provide solutions to various agricultural problems.

The Petromart presence in various regions is not intended to compete with existing stalls farm, but rather as a supplement and supplies products and the development of non-subsidized products into the stalls have been there (existing). Apart from that, it is an effort of Petrokimia Gresik to get closer to consumers and provide better service.

Petromart outlets in East Java currently at:

  1. Petromart Gresik: Jl. Noto Prayitno Kec. Kebomas.
  2. Petromart Bojonegoro: Jl. Bojonegoro - Ngawi, Leran, Kec. Kalitidu.
  3. Petromart Tuban: Jl. Raya Babat - Tuban KM 40 Ds Minohorejo, Kec. Widang.
  4. Petromart Nganjuk: Jl. Taman No.58, Mojorembun, Kec. Rejoso.