Featured Program

Sumbersari Cattle Industry (Suri Insap)

Empowerment of the cattle breeder community in utilizing the potential of livestock and agriculture in Sumbersari Village through the development of livestock group businesses to improve the economy and community independence.

This program aims to increase the capacity of young breeders in managing and marketing cattle products and other businesses, as well as a place to educate cattle breeding worth to visit.

Kampung Pisang (A Village rich with Banana Tree)
Empowerment of communities around the company through optimizing the potential of banana trees in the Bengawan Solo River Basin, Lamongan, with the aim of creating a tourist village for economic improvement and community independence.

This program aims to increase people's income, create directed social relationships, and create a circular economy.

Kali Lamong Mangrove Ecotourism
Empowerment of coastal communities in Kali Lamong, Lamongan, through mangrove ecotourism for the preservation of river boundaries, structuring slum environments and creating alternative employment opportunities.

This program aims to empower village communities living on riverbanks, preservation of coastal borders, river borders and small islands (Galang Island), arrangement of slum areas along riverbanks, and the creation of alternative employment opportunities.

Mengare Mangrove Learning and Restoration Center

Empowerment of coastal communities through ecosystem conservation to reduce the rate of abrasion, increase fishery productivity and create alternative employment opportunities, research facilities through integrated coastal education.

This program aims to reduce the rate of sea abrasion, improve conditions and the environment for fishery activities, develop community capacity regarding environmental management, become a new educational tourism object in the Gresik Regency area.

Petro scholarship (Bestro) full cover given to outstanding students from underprivileged families around the company. This program is aimed to support Human Resources development for surrounding community to pursue higher education and maximize their academic and non-academic potential.

At the fist stage, Petrokimia Gresik send notification letter and registration form to the target schools. Furthermore, the school conducted initial screening for students of SMA/K (Senior Highschool or vocational) who excel in academic and has strong desire to continue their education to higher education (university). Furthermore, the participants will join a series of selection which conducted by Petrokimia Gresik.

For Bestro Bachelor Degree (S1) level, Petrokimia Gresik provides tuition and operational fees until graduation. While for Senior Highschool/Vocational level, they are given operational fees until graduate. This program has been running since 2012 for the undergraduate level and 2014 for Senior Highschool/Vocational level.

Until 2020, the Bestro program participants for the undergraduate level totaled 115 peoples with a total scholarship value of IDR 13.1 billion. Meanwhile, there are 221 high school / vocational high school students with a total scholarship value of IDR 6.2 billion.

Healthy Village
Health Village is a health program that is a preventive, promotive, and curative medium to improve health and a clean and healthy lifestyle for the community around the company which is in line with The sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3 : Good Health and Well Being.

In its implementation, Petrokimia Gresik collaborates with Grha Husada Hospital. This program also involves Health Cadres in Village, Posyandu, Public Health Care and the Gresik District Health Office.

Healthy Village has been started since 2012, and until 2017 activities focused on curative action by providing free medical treatment. In 2018, Healthy Village focuses on preventive action by holding regular outreach on various themes every month. In 2019-2020 the program was prepared based on the guidelines for achieving Healthy Family Indicators (IKS) and a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle with the aim of preventive and health promotion.

Some of the activities carried out include routine GERMAS exercise every week, providing additional food and vitamins for toddlers, mini medical checkup aid (blood sugar, cholesterol, gout, murals inviting healthy living, maintenance of TOGA, free medical treatment and influenza vaccination, free circumcision, and school. Healthy Village Cadres, and Therapy for Children with Special Needs.

Training and Skill Workshop (Lolapil) has been implemented since 1981, inaugurated by Minister of Industry Abdul Raoef Soehoed and the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Harun Al Rasyid Zain on 7 April 1981 in Gresik.

This program is a support from Petrokimia Gresik to the government’s program that are promoting
competency-based industrial education and training in order to respond to industry demands and global competition.

The participants are high school/equivalent graduates who pass the strictly Lolapil selection stage. Participants receive practical and intensive education and training for 6 (six) months. They are educated to become skilled, professional and ready to work in industry.

In addition to knowledge, skills, and work experience or hard competency, students also receive materials soft competency such as attitude affirmation, behavior, discipline, physical, and mental development.

Until now, Petrokimia Gresik has graduated 1,371 skilled workers in various fields of expertise, such as welders, lathes, chemical analysts, electrical, instruments, mechanics, heavy equipment, automotive and others. Currently, they have worked in various companies according to their fields, both in Petrokimia Gresik and other companies.

Updated, 10022021