Company History

PT Petrokimia Gresik is the most complete fertilizer company in Indonesia, which was initially established under the name 'Project of Petrokimia Surabaya'.

The construction agreement was mutually signed on August 10th, 1964 with the effective date on December 8th, 1964. Total current production reaches 8.9 million tons per year, consisting of 5 (five) million tons/year of fertilizer products, and about 3.9 million tons per year of non fertilizer products. The project was officially inaugurated by His Excellency The President of The Republic of Indonesia on July 10th, 1972. Hence the date is ultimately commemorated as the anniversary of PT Petrokimia Gresik.

Shareholder structure of PT Petrokimia Gresik comprises PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) that has 2,393,033 shares or amounting to Rp2,393,033,000,000 (99.9975%) and Yayasan Petrokimia Gresik (Petrokimia Gresik Foundation) that has 60 shares or amounting to Rp60,000,000 (0.0025%).

The number of employees as of 30 May is 1.998 people

PT Petrokimia Gresik currently occupies an area of ​​more than 550 hectares in Gresik Regency, East Java. This subsidiary of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) turned into an Agroindustry Solution company to support the program to achieve National Food Security, and progress in the world of agriculture.

Updated, 060524