Vision, Mission and Corporate Culture


Being a producer of fertilizers and other chemical products which are highly competitive and mostly
wanted by consumers.


  1. Support the provision of national fertilizers to achieve food self-sufficiency program;
  2. Increase business results to support the smooth operation of the Company's operations and business development;
  3. Developing business potential to support the national chemical industry and play an active role in community development.


1. Mandate

- Definition: Uphold the trust given

- Code of Conduct:

  • Fulfill promises and commitments
  • Responsible for tasks, decisions and actions that are taken
  • Stick to moral and ethical values

2. Competence

- Definition: Continuously learning and developing capabilities

- Code of Conduct:

  • Improve self-competence to respond the challenges that always change
  • Helping others to learn something
  • complete tasks with the highest quality

3. Harmonious

- Definition: Caring for each other and respecting differences

- Code of Conduct:

  • Respecting everyone regardless of background
  • Loves to help others
  • Build a work environment conducive

4. Loyal

- Definition: Dedicated and prioritizing the interests of the Nation and the State

- Code of Conduct:

  • Maintaining the good name of fellow employees, leaders, SOEs and the State
  • Willing to sacrifice to achieve greater goals
  • Obey the leadership as long as it does not contradict with law and ethics

5. Adaptive

- Definition: Continue to do innovation and enthusiastic in driving or dealing with change

- Code of Conduct:

  • Quickly adaptive to be better
  • Continuously make improvements following technological developments
  • Acting proactively

6. Collaborative

- Definition: Building synergistic cooperation

- Code of Conduct:

  • Providing opportunities for various parties to contribute
  • Very open in working together to generate added value
  • Mobilizing the use of various resources for common goals

The acronym of PT Petrokimia Gresik’s Values is AKHLAK, with an acronym formation process as follows:

Amanah (Mandate)

Kompeten (Competence)

Harmonis (Harmonius)

Loyal (Loyal)

Adaptif (Adaptive)

Kolaboratif (Collaborative)

updated 18122020