Towards a National Scale Cooperative

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The XXXV Annual Member Meeting (AMM) Fiscal Year of 2018 of Petrokimia Gresik Employee Cooperative (K3PG) took place at Wisma Kebomas, Wednesday, March 20th, 2019. The K3PG chairman, Rohmad, mentioned the total sales which attained 897.197 billion rupiahs or 98.22% of 2018 RKAP, and the Remaining Operating Results (SHU) after tax reached 5.451 billion rupiahs or 108.93% of 2018 RKAP. Moreover, the 2018 total assets rised to 826.431 billion rupiahs, increasing roughly 111.26% compared to 2017.

"This achievement is due to the support of Petrokimia Gresik management and the active participation of all members, as well as several businesses outside Petrokimia Gresik Group. Hopefully, these accomplished results shall make us strive for a better future", he explained.

In 2019, K3PG aimed to reach the total sales of 880.064 billion rupiahs and SHU before tax of 7.717 billion rupiahs.

Rohmad stated that in order to support the 2019 RKAP completion, employees will programmatically carry out various efforts for business sector improvement. Additionally, there will be gradual human resources regeneration through selection process by independent institutions, as well as provision of skill training for existing staffs and organizational development.

"We hope for an active members participation to achieve these goals, so that K3PG become a national scale cooperative and competitive”, he said.

PG Marketing Director, Meinu Sadariyo, as the K3PG Governing Board appreciated K3PG achievement and performance in Fiscal Year of 2018. It is expected that business sectors which have attained the target shall be maintained and improved, while those who have not reached the target, shall create strategic efforts such as new breakthroughs, so that K3PG performance in 2019 will rise above the target.

"We hope that K3PG would be more energetic in creating innovative breakthroughs. Increasing the synergy, competence and professionalism in order to be able to take an active role as a strong business actor in facing increasingly harder business competition", said PG Marketing Director.

Meanwhile, the Head of East Java Province Cooperative, Small and Medium Enterprises, Mas Purnomo Hadi, said he was ready to support K3PG objectives towards a national scale cooperative. Observing the K3PG performance from year to year, Purnomo believes that K3PG is able to become a national scale cooperative. For this reason, K3PG must be able to see the opportunities in 4.0 era, as well as making their human resources familiar with technology. Also, expanding networks and cooperating with small cooperatives in East Java.

"If small cooperatives which are partners can succeed, it will increase public trust in K3PG. This trust becomes capital for K3PG to grow even bigger", he said.

The XXXV K3PG meeting was also attended by PG Director of Technical and Development, Arif Fauzan, and PG Production Director, I Ketut Rusnaya, SKPG chairman, Agung Wahjunto, and PIKPG Management. Hartono

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