Must Be Professional and Corresponding With GCG Principles

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PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG) held a "Partners Meeting" event at Majapahit Convention Hall 2nd Floor, PG Headquarters, on March 14th, 2019. The event held to ensure corporate’s operational business necessities to be professionally fulfilled was attended by PG Directors and roughly 200 business partners.

This meeting was also an event to establish good relationship between PG personnel and business partners. Through this event, management expected to further explore the inputs from them, so that in the future, the procurement process of materials and services can be performed better, corresponding with the principles of Good Corporate Governance.

PG Director of Technical and Development, Arif Fauzan, expressed his gratitude to business partners who had been supporting PT Petrokimia Gresik in supplying materials and services, supporting the company to operate normally and continuously.

Along with company’s development to transform into Agroindustry Solutions, the Director hopes for an advanced professional collaboration between PG employee and business partners in terms of materials and services procurement the company requires.

"We expect business partners/vendors to work professionally in their respective fields, as well as comply with the existing regulations, both issued by PG or the Government, so that company GCG aspects are implemented maximally", he said.

To implement a professional materials and services procurement process, PG also monitors all of its activities through an e-procurement system, so the procurement process of materials and services can be more transparent and quicker. Thus, it is expected a less-obstacles factory operations in supporting the Government to realize the National Food Security programme.

The meeting themed “Building Synergy in Supporting the Corporate Business Transformation in Industry 4.0 Era” was also attended by Director of Finance, Human Resources, and General Affairs, Dwi Ary Purnomo, and Director of Production, I Ketut Rusnaya. Hartono

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