Ensuring Facile Distribution of Subsidized Fertilizers

28 February 2019 13:14 / PG Public Relation / 5522x viewed

Petrokimia Gresik (PG) with Pupuk Kujang Cikampek (PKC) and PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) carried out the signing of Subsidized Fertilizer Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPJB). This SPJB signing with 24 distributors, and 476 kiosks in Subang, Purwakarta, Karawang, and Bandung areas is aimed to ensure facile and safe distribution of subsidized fertilizers as the 6 Rights Principle.

The signing was carried out by PG President Director, Rahmad Pribadi, and PKC President Director, Nugraha Budi Eka Irianto, witnessed by President Director of PT Pupuk Indonesia (PI), Aas Asikin Idat, and PSP General Director of Ministry of Agriculture, Sarwo Edhy, in Purwakarta, Wednesday, February 27th, 2019.

PG as an Agroindustry Solution company, together with PI and PI Groups, shall continue to be committed in supporting the government to implement the National Food Sustainability Programme. One of the efforts made is to guarantee the availability of subsidized fertilizers to the rightful farmers, based on the regulations made by the Government. Try / Hartono

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