Welcoming Ramadan 1440H, PG Gives Aid Rp 450 Million

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Petrokimia Gresik Care and Share



Event : Aid Providing on Ramadan 1440H

Location : Wisma Kebomas Petrokimia Gresik

Day / Date : Friday / May 3rd, 2019

The month of Ramadan is coming. PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG), a subsidiary of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero), celebrates Ramadan in this year by providing operational aid to 13 mosques and 68 mushollas with a total amount of Rp 450 million.

All the mosques and mushollas come from nine villages from three sub-districts in Gresik Regency, which are Karangturi, Kroman, Roomo, Lumpur, Karangpoh, Sukorame, Sukodono, Tlogopojok, and Ngipik.

PG President Director, Rahmad Pribadi, stated that this aid was part of "Petrokimia Gresik Care and Share" CSR Programme. While essentially, this activity is a form of gratitude to Allah SWT for the positive performance growth in the business transformation programme, which is to make ourselves as producer of fertilizers and chemicals for agro-industry solutions.

"We hope that this aid can support the prosperity of mosques and mushollas,as well as living the month of Ramadan in this year, so that people can pray peacefully and comfortable", Rahmad said.

Rahmad further explained that as many as 8 mosques received the aid of Rp 7.5 million. While the other surrounding five mosques should get Rp 10 million which would be given directly by the Board of Directors during the Safari Ramadan. The rest, as many as 68 mushollas got aid of Rp 5 million each.

"For Safari Ramadhan activity, its main purpose is silaturahim and dialogue with mosque officials, religious leaders, community leaders, and societies", Rahmad added.

In addition to the month of Ramadan, Rahmad continued, basically the company routinely provided aid to mosques and mushollas around the company. Especially to the officials who have submitted requests for assistance or proposals. These aids were intended for various purposes, such as facilities and infrastructure to support praying, renovation, and many more.

Sugeng Riadi, official of Nurul Huda Mosque, Meduran, Romoo village, hoped that this aid could be useful for mosques and worshipers, especially for those who would do taraweeh prayer and other prayers during Ramadan 1440H.

"Thank you very much, since we can receive it every year. Hopefully, for next year, (we can) get it again”, Sugeng said.

Furthermore, Rahmad hoped that the community could continue to provide their support. Therefore, the company could carry out the tasks of distributing subsidized fertilizer without any obstacles. And was able to realize the initiative as a producer of fertilizers and chemicals for agro-industry solutions.

"We ask for the blessing and support of the surrounding community so that PG can continue to grow. Since the results will also return to the community", Rahmad concluded.

PT Petrokimia Gresik

Yusuf Wibisono

Corporate Secretary

For further information contact:

Corporate Secretary: Yusuf Wibisono

Office: (031) 398181, Ext. 2218

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