The Importance of Understanding OSH Activities

07 March 2019 01:30 / PG Public Relation / 7084x viewed

PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG) held an Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) competition for villages around the company. This competition celebrating the National OSH Month was held in Tri Dharma Multipurpose Building, on March 6th, 2019.

PG GM of Technology, Mochamad Taufik Hidayat, revealed that this competition was a form of company's commitment and care to the communities around the company, related to the aspects of health and safety. In addition, it is also becoming a one implementation of the Responsible Care Management Practices, that is Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER).

This OSH competition is not only purposed to seek victory and become a champion, but through this competition, it is expected that, at least, people can understand the importance of OSH activities. It is also wanted that everyone can alter their culture and behavior to prioritise more of safety aspects, that is "Safety Starts With Me". The OSH starts from ourselves. By the OSH cultures implementation to the all citizens, it is hoped to be able to prevent and reduce risks to themselves and the surrounding environment.

"We hope, by this activity, people around the company are able to increase their active role in OSH implementation in their own environments”, he said.

PG Public Relations Manager, Muhammad Ihwan, said that the company deliberately invited the nearby people, considering that PG was a national vital object, therefore the OSH knowledge and skills for local residents become very important to be socialized.

"The OSH application is not only valid in the company, but also how the work safety is felt by the local people, so that the communities also have responsibility towards the National Company", he said.

Meanwhile, PG Environment and OSH Manager, Achmad Zaid, stated that this activity was carried out to connect the Responsible Care management system in providing education to local people around the company. "The goal is, local people care about the company. Especially, when facing emergency cases, so that there is an action first", he said.

The OSH competition was attended by 8 (eight) teams, each of them consists of 10 mothers from Roomo Village, Tlogopojok Village, Sukorame, Lumpur, Karangturi, Ngipik, Karangpoh, and Kroman Villages.

Head of Sukorame Village, Rofiq Udin Effendi, revealed that the community was very enthusiastic in participating the OSH competition, that it became so exciting. He hoped that the OSH competition involving the local residents will continue to be held annually, since it increases the OSH awareness, and has many advantages as well. Similar thing was also expressed by the Head of Kroman Village, Agus Hariyono, and also Evi Oktoviana, a participant from Roomo Village.

According to Ngipik Village Head, Ruslan, this activity was able to make the community around the company, especially mothers, understand the importance of OSH. With safe environment around the company from the dangers of accidents and health threats, it will support the continuous company operation.

During the occasion, PG CSR Manager, Tatang Barlian, also symbolically handed over the board magazine to 8 (eight) villages nearby. This board is expected to be used as a tool to deliver information related to OSH to the people. Hartono