Collaboration in Supporting National Food Security

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PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG) conducted socialization of Subsidised Fertilizers and Fertilisation Technology to the Village Advisory Board (Babinsa) at Kodim 0724 Military Headquarters in Boyolali, March 5th, 2019. This activity is carried out to support TNI AD (army) role in National Food Security program, including monitoring the distribution of subsidised fertilisers, which are under the Government’s supervision.

This briefing material to approximately 300 Babinsa personnel in Boyolali includes the Subsidised Fertilisers Regulations and Distribution Mechanisms, Balanced Fertilisation, Plant Cultivation, and Fertilizer Products.

PG Commissioner, Mahmud Nurwindu conveyed, the knowledge sharing activity between PG and Babinsa colleagues was part of the collaboration activities in supporting the National Food Security programme.

This briefing conducted by PG as an Agroindustry Solution company, and member of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) Holding Company, is one of the efforts to build a two-way communication forum, so that the problems occuring in the field are expected to be solved in no time.

PG Marketing Director, Meinu Sadariyo, revealed that the knowledge of fertilisers and fertilisation would make it easier for Babinsa personnel to provide input and advice related to fertilisation for the farmers. Whereas, the understanding of subsidised fertilisers, regulations and distribution mechanisms will optimise Babinsa's role in escorting its distribution accuracy in the field.

On this occasion, there was also corn planting activity in 3.5 hectares area which belongs to Kodim 0724 Boyolali in Siswodipuran, Boyolali Village. The Military Commander of Kodim 0724, Lieutenant Colonel Cav. Herman Taryaman said, corn planting activity as a collaboration between PG and Boyolali Regency Government was intended to support the food security programme, especially in Boyolali Regency. Hartono

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