PG Initiates Healthy Villages Based on IKS and PHBS

28 January 2019 13:56 / PG Public Relation / 6188x viewed

As a new step in 2019, PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG) with the government, in this case, the closest village/regency to the company, health cadres and Gresik Health Department through the local People Health Centre (Puskesmas), had started designing the 2019 Community Health Empowerment Program, based on the Healthy Family Index (IKS) and Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS). In its implementation, PG collaborated with Petrokimia Gresik Hospital (RSPG) as the technical executor in the health sector. This program is a follow-up to the evaluation of the Healthy Village Program for CSR activities that have been carried out by PG for many years.

To facilitate the activities summarized in the 2019 Healthy Village Program, PG has conducted socialization to all related parties on the 4th Sunday of January 2019, at Gresik Grha Husada Hospital.

CSR manager of PG, Tatang Barlian, revealed that the collaboration with various parties involved was carried out so that the CSR aid would be on target. "We are working with the Health Department, in this case the local Puskesmas, to picture the public health profile, especially in the closest village/regency to the company, and synergize with Grha Husada Hospital as well as involve the health cadres in each village/regency to actively participate in it", He said.

Director of Grha Husada Hospital, Dr. Dian Ayu Lukitasari admitted that her team positively welcomed the 2019 Healthy Village Program, which had changed from previous years.

"In previous years, we did the Healthy Village Program by preventive and promotive medical methods, this year we will execute it based on IKS and PHBS methods. This certainly encourage our enthusiasm as a partner in PG CSR program execution to participate in creating healthy Gresik community", she said.

This program is prioritized for the community in 8 (eight) villages/regencies closest to the company, including Roomo, Kroman, Ngipik, Sukorame, Tlogopojok, Karangturi, Lumpur and Karangpoh.

The socialization program was also attended by representatives from the local Puskesmas, including Puskesmas Alon-Alon, Nelayan, Industri and Sukomulyo, each of them gave presentations regarding the IKS (Healthy Family Index) profile in 8 villages/regency with the categories of Healthy, Pre-Healthy and Not Healthy. In addition, problem of priority scale was also discussed to prepare the intervention plans that will be executed in 2019 based on the survey results of the health profile from the field. In this activity, a discussion session with the present Heads of Village/Regency along with their health cadres was also provided .

The 2019 Healthy Village Program is expected to be able to give real and directed support the improvement of public health, since each activity plan that has been prepared directly targets the main problems in each region. PG as a subsidiary of PT Pupuk Indonesia is committed that the community must advance along with the progress and development of the company as a Solution for Agroindustry for the realization of National Food Security. With the new program of 2019 Healthy Village, it is hoped that the community can actively participate to improve their life quality, especially in the health sector.

"We thank PG for giving so many supports to the community activities, especially in this Healthy Village Program. "Hopefully, with the change in methods carried out this year, we will make positive changes in the community", said the Head of Tlogopojok Village, Muhammad Iqbal. Ria Hermila.