Petrokimia Gresik Hosts PetroNite Fest to Boost Local Economy and Support SMEs

31 July 2023 09:46 / Corcom of PG / 2782x viewed

Petrokimia Gresik, a key player in Agroindustry Solutions and a member of the Pupuk Indonesia holding, once again organized PetroNite Fest, a festive celebration for the public and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Gresik. The event was officially inaugurated by Petrokimia Gresik's CEO, Dwi Satriyo Annurogo, represented by I Ketut Rusnaya, Senior Executive Vice President of Operations. The opening ceremony took place recently at GOR Tri Dharma, Gresik, East Java.

Dwi Satriyo Annurogo, in his address during the PetroNite Fest 2023 opening, emphasized that this event reflects Petrokimia Gresik's genuine commitment to grow and prosper together with the community. Beyond entertainment, Petrokimia Gresik aims to stimulate economic growth in Gresik by connecting 375 MSMEs with potential consumers.

"MSMEs play a strategic role as the backbone of Indonesia's economy, contributing to grassroots economic growth. As part of a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) and a key player in driving the economy, Petrokimia Gresik is dedicated to supporting MSMEs, as demonstrated through this initiative," stated Dwi Satriyo.

Themed "Returning to the Village, from Petrokimia to Indonesia," PetroNite Fest 2023, held in commemoration of Petrokimia Gresik's 51st anniversary, will span nine days from July 29 to August 6, 2023. The event features the participation of numerous Gresik-based MSMEs, including those nurtured by the company, street vendors, the local community, BUMN representatives, relevant government departments, and the Petrokimia Gresik Group. The showcased products range from crafts, real estate, automotive, food, clothing, electronics, furniture, to agricultural products.

"This event is a tangible manifestation of Petrokimia Gresik's commitment to empower and develop the potential of local MSMEs," affirmed Dwi Satriyo.

Umroni Jariyah, owner of one of the stalls at PetroNite Fest from Kelurahan Lumpur, expressed gratitude for participating in this bazaar. She acknowledged that the event attracts potential customers, contributing to increased sales for her and other members of the Kelurahan Lumpur PKK group.

"Our stall represents a collective effort by the Kelurahan Lumpur PKK group, with some members already engaged in snack businesses. The diverse visitor turnout at this event is not limited to Gresik, providing a positive impact on our sales," she shared.

Dian Mayasari, a visitor at the festival opening, expressed delight at attending PetroNite Fest. She noted that besides enjoying the entertainment, she appreciated the opportunity to explore various culinary delights at the festival.

"I will return with my family. Here, we can enjoy a variety of culinary delights; the options are quite diverse," said Dian.

In a departure from previous editions, PetroNite Fest 2023 is dedicated exclusively to Gresik-based MSMEs. The registration process was conducted online, with meticulous verification to ensure the participation of only Gresik-based MSMEs.

"In alignment with the management's directive to focus PetroNite Fest specifically on the local community and MSMEs in Gresik, we introduced a new online registration system and a three-stage

verification process—administrative verification, pre-event face-to-face verification, and on-site verification—to ensure the event's precision," explained Liliek Harmianto, Chairman of the 51st Petrokimia Gresik Anniversary Committee.

Liliek highlighted that the online registration system aims to provide convenience for prospective stallholders. "Prospective stallholders don't need to endure long queues or crowded spaces for registration. They can prepare all necessary documents and register online from anywhere."

Additionally, Liliek noted that the online registration system follows a 'first come, first served' principle, where registrants with earlier submissions are prioritized for verification.

"The enthusiasm for PetroNite Fest has been extraordinary. The available slots were filled within minutes of opening registration. We, the organizing committee, express our gratitude for the overwhelming enthusiasm and apologize to the MSMEs we had to turn down due to not meeting the primary requirement of being Gresik-based. Also, due to the limited space at Tri Dharma, many MSMEs may not have been able to participate this year; we hope they can join the festivities next year," Liliek concluded.

In closing, Dwi Satriyo expressed appreciation for the remarkable enthusiasm shown by the Gresik community and MSMEs for this event.

"Thank you to the Gresik community and MSMEs for the exceptional enthusiasm for this event. We present PetroNite Fest exclusively for the Gresik community. May this event provide entertainment, be beneficial, and ignite the acceleration of economic growth, especially for Gresik Regency," concluded Dwi Satriyo.