Nugroho Christijanto: Fully Support Whoever Replaces Me

29 October 2018 14:16 / PG Public Relation / 6089x viewed

Board of Directors and employees of PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG) delivered the President Director of PG, Nugroho Christijanto to carry out the new mandate as Director of Business Transformation in PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero). This humble, yet casual event was held in the head office lobby, October 29th, 2018.

The Director of Engineering and Development, Arif Fauzan, revealed that Nugroho Christijanto was a very valuable asset for PG. His dedication began in August 1992, until he served as The President Director since January 2016, he gave so much progress and development for PG. "Nugroho Christijanto is an innovative, trustworthy, and populist figure," said Arif Fauzan.

On this occasion, Nugroho Christijanto expressed his gratitude and apologies, as well as motivated the spirit of PG people. Nugroho said that his move from the position of President Director to the Director of Business Transformation in PT Pupuk Indonesia did not need to be addressed in an extraordinary manner by PG people, since rotation, promotion, and transfer for a particular position were common in an organisation. Nugroho Christijanto admitted that he was very proud, because when he left his position as a President Director, the company was in a good condition, and the development of innovative ideas grew.

To all of PG people, Nugroho Christijanto advised to always do the best, improve the synergy, and always maintain the solidity for the company's progress towards the solutions for agroindustries.

"Most importantly, whoever my successor would be, please do fully support sincerely, because running a company is not an individual work, but a teamwork that must always be synergetic, compact, and solid," Nugroho Christijanto advised. Hartono

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