Inviting Community to Be More Advanced

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Founder of Lovers and Preservers Forum of Indonesian Traditional Silat (FP2STI), Edwin Hidayat Abdullah appreciated PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG)’s concern in preserving Pencak Silat as a noble culture of Indonesia. Edwin, who also served as Deputy of Energy, Logistics, Zone and Tourism Business (ELKP) Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), was present and officially opened the Pencak Silat Event held by PG (26/07/2019)

PG President Director, Rahmad Pribadi said that the Pencak Silat Event was held regularly by PG since 2003 without interruption, and was a routine agenda in PG anniversary. This activity was carried out to raise and preserve the values ​​of local wisdom, and national culture which had important roles in shaping the young generation with character. In addition, it also helped people strengthen their friendship, and became a gratitude to the surrounding community for their support in maintaining company’s operation.

On this occasion, Rahmad also asked for prayers and community support, so that PG, which was performing business transformation towards Agroindustry Solutions company, could consistently provide benefits to the surrounding community, nation and country.

Deputy of Ministry of BUMN's ELKP Business Affairs, Edwin Hidayat Abdullah, said that Pencak Silat performance held by PG was not only to preserve the noble culture of Indonesian people, but also PG's efforts to build a more capable, disciplined and good young generation. According to this book author of "Keajaiban Silat", silat was able to yield physical and mental strength for young generation. By learning silat, the country’s successors were also taught to get closer to God Almighty, and to establish friendship to build national unity.

"Through this pencak silat performance, the truth is Petrokimia Gresik invites people to advance. I hope this activity can be followed by other SOEs in Indonesia," he said.

Pencak Silat performance during PG 47th anniversary, and 74th independence anniversary of Republic of Indonesia (RI) took place at PG Tri Dharma Sports Facility, followed by 35 silat schools (PS) from Gresik Subdistrict (20 PS), Kebomas Subdistrict (7 PS), and Manyar Subdistrict (8 PS). The event which took place at expo and bazaar arena was also witnessed by several BUMN leaders in Indonesia. Hartono

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