K3PG Launched K-Mobile Apps

13 August 2019 16:44 / PG Public Relation / 8740x viewed

Petrokimia Gresik Employees Cooperative (K3PG) targeted the 2019 sales turnover to reach IDR 1 trillion. This target roughly 11 percent from the 2018 achievement of IDR 897 billion. This was conveyed by K3PG Chairman, Rohmad during the 35th K3PG anniversary at Wisma Kebomas PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG), Tuesday (8/13/2019).

Rohmad also targeted the dividends in 2019 to increase between IDR 8 billion and IDR 9 billion compared to 2018, which was IDR 7.46 billion. Rohmad was optimistic, the support of digital transformation K3PG had started at its 35 years of age, as well as being supported by business optimization program, the turnover and dividends target in 2019 could be achieved.

K3PG digital transformation began with the launching of K-Mobile or Android/iOS-based application. This application was able to provide all members access via smartphone.

"The application was created as simple as possible, yet having a comprehensive function, therefore this application will be easily understood by all K3PG members from various generations," Rohmad said.

During its first development stage, members could obtain information about their K3PG membership, as well as able to carry out all types of transactions related to Savings and Loans Units online.

The second stage was providing access to K3PG members to make online transactions at K-Mart. In addition, for dividends distribution which was previously carried out manually, in the second stage, would automatically be credited to e-wallet or digital wallet of members’ account in K-Mobile. This electronic coupon could be used for K-Mart online transactions or direct shopping at K-Mart stores, through barcode scanning process when paying goods at the cashier.

Besides, K3PG digital transformation was also marked by "Farmers" Retail Non-Subsidized Fertilizer Redemption Program (Redemption Without Queuing) which was a website-based application to facilitate Distributors and Kiosks for PG commercial fertilizer redemption. "Farmers" also became K3PG's answer in carrying out the mandate as the Main Distributor of PG Retail Non-subsidized Fertilizers for Central Java-DIY and North Sumatra-Aceh regions.

"This application is also a form of K3PG support for Petrokimia Gresik business transformation", Rohmad said.

Meanwhile, the optimization of business unit was proven by K3PG by opening rest area at Fuel Filling Station (SPBU) in Abir-abir Village, Bungah, Gresik Regency, as well as opening K-Mart Express wholesale system retail stores on Ahmad Yani street, Gresik.

"We also continue to optimize the value of each work unit in order to increase K3PG independence," he concluded.

PG Director, Rahmad Pribadi as K3PG Governing Board appreciated the digital innovation run by K3PG. It was expected that K3PG continued to innovate to improve performance, and provide benefits for members and the community.

"At this mature age, K3PG's journey is in the right direction," Rahmad said. According to him, K3PG was able to cope with the 4.0 era. */Hartono