SHE as a Work Culture

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The competition of National Safety and Health Environment (SHE) Month at PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG) was officially inaugurated by the PG President Director, Rahmad Pribadi, on February 19th, 2019. The inauguration ceremony began with a fire fighting demonstration by PG Directors Team collaborated with fire fighting champion team in 2018, Department of Maintenance I. The demonstration went smoothly and had a long applause from the audiences crowding the PG's fire ground. The agility shown by the Board of Directors while overcoming the large-scale fire is one trusted proof of PG's management commitment in promoting SHE in company's business processes.

PG President Director, Rahmad Pribadi conveyed, the SHE aspects must be implemented properly by all PG people and partners, therefore able to support PG's determination in its transformation into an Agroindustry Solution company. "Let us always strive to increase our active role regarding with SHE values implementation ​​as a culture in working environment and daily life", the President Director said.

This competition celebrating the National SHE Month is one of company's active participation in order to implement the national vision, that is "SHE Cultured Indonesian Communities Independence in 2020". The National SHE Month entitled "Implementing the SHE Cultured Indonesian Communities Independence to Support National Economic Stability" is expected more to increase our awareness towards the importance of SHE to the competitiveness of Indonesian products in the global market.

The SHE competition will be held until March 2019, joined by all work units in PG, subsidiaries, PG Foundation, K3PG, and contractors. The activities include Emergency Response Competition (ERC), photography, digital posters and safety ideas. Hartono

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