SNI : 02-3769-2005


  • Total P2O5 levels of at least 36%
  • P2O5 levels dissolve at least 34% Citric Acid
  • P2O5 levels are water soluble at least 30%
  • Water content up to 5%
  • Maximum free acid level as H3PO4 6%
  • Grain shape
  • Gray
  • Packed in bags with Golden Buffalo contents of 50 kg

Nature, benefits and advantages of SP 36 fertilizer

  • Not hygroscopic
  • Easy to dissolve in water
  • As a source of nutrients Phosphorus for plants
  • Promotes root growth and a good root system
  • Encourages flower formation and ripe fruit / seeds
  • Speed up the harvest
  • Increase the percentage of flower formation into fruit / seeds
  • Increase plant resistance to pest, disease and drought disorders

How to use SP 36 fertilizer

  • For annual crops, SP 36 fertilizer should be used as basic fertilizer. While for annual crops given at the beginning or end of the rainy season or immediately after harvest
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