Pupuk Indonesia Continues to Accelerate Distribution to Warehouses and Kiosks

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NUMBER: 04/PR.EXT/I/2021

-Press Release -
PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero)
15 January 2020

Pupuk Indonesia Continues to Accelerate Distribution
to Warehouses and Kiosks

JAKARTA - PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) is working optimally to accelerate and maintain the smooth distribution of fertilizers in order to anticipate the needs of farmers entering the planting season period earlier this year. This includes coordinating with the local government for the issuance of Decree Letter for the distribution of subsidized fertilizers.

Marketing Director of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) Gusrizal said that his party had taken a number of steps in order to maintain smooth distribution, one of which had issued orders to distributors to immediately distribute to official kiosks, and at the same time also continued to coordinate with local agencies government for publishing the allocation decree from the local Regency/City Government.

"Since the beginning of the year, we have instructed the producers who are members of the Pupuk Indonesia holding to move quickly and optimally in providing fertilizer up to lines III and IV," said Gusrizal during his working visit to Central Java on Friday (15/1/2021).

In Central Java, Gusrizal inspected the stock availability in a number of areas and held meetings with farmer representatives in Grobogan and Blora. The stock of subsidized fertilizer in Central Java province is 231,983 tons.

Gusrizal explained that nationally, the subsidized fertilizer stock available in line I to line IV reached 1,763,218 tons, consisting of 821,423 tons of Urea, 551,359 tons of NPK, 132,649 tons of SP-36, 148,642 ZA and 109,145 tons of organic. The amount of stock prepared in lines III and IV is about three times the minimum stock requirement of 552,032 tons.

In addition, to anticipate the increasing need for farmers, and according to the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Pupuk Indonesia Group also provides non-subsidized fertilizers at every official kiosk so that farmers can still get fertilizer.

"The amount of non-subsidized fertilizers can adjust to the needs in the field. This means that when demand increases, then we are ready to increase availability," said Gusrizal.

Gusrizal emphasized that subsidized fertilizers are intended for farmers who have registered with the e-RDKK and, in certain areas, already have a farmer card.

In addition, Gusrizal added, currently all Pupuk Indonesia Group distribution networks have been required to implement protocols to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Outbreak. This is done to prevent officers from being exposed to the virus so as not to interfere with the distribution and sale of fertilizers.

"All distributors and kiosks are required to implement health protocols. In order to keep all officers in the distributor and kiosk environment not exposed, and continue to serve in the sale and distribution of fertilizers," he said. He also appealed to farmers to always pay attention to health protocols in their activities.

Contact Person :

Wijaya Laksana
Head of Corporate Communication
PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero)

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