Supporting Disabilities’ Self Independence

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Zakat Collector Unit (ZCU) PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG) collaborating with Gresik Dharma Wanita Vocational School, Community Based Rehabilitation (RBM) Giri Kedaton Sejahtera, and Kemala Bhayangkara Disabilities Schools held Cake Processing Entrepreneurship Training for Disabled Persons.

The training was held in two days (9-10/7/2019), and was attended by 10 children with special needs (deaf and mentally disabled) which took place at Dharma Wanita Gresik Vocational Schools. Teaching materials given to participants including training of making pastries and wet cakes. During the training, they were accompanied by their parents to ensure effective communication.

Head of Gresik Dharma Wanita Schools, Ratna said that catering was a promising business. For this reason, it was expected that the training, funded by UPZ PG, could be mostly benefited by the participants.

The Chairman of PG ZCU, Yusuf Wibisono revealed, this training was held to improve the knowledge, abilities and skills of children with special needs, hoping that it could be used in their future. "Mainly, we, at PG ZCU, want to help younger children with disabilities to be more independent, and more empowered," he said.

Yusuf Wibisono, who was also PG Corporate Secretary, said that PG ZCU planned to deliberately reduce aid in the form of charity, or cash. "If the support is provided in cash, it may run out quickly, but if it is provided as training, it can be more sustainable, the benefits will be long-lasting," he continued

According to him, it would not only stop in the training, but in the future, evaluation of facilities required for those who want to sell products would be carried out. "PG ZCU is determined to give hook instead of fish, as an effort to support the independence of children with disabilities," said Yusuf

Meanwhile, person in charge of RBM Giri Kedaton Sejahtera, Prapti said that children with disabilities/special needs could be educated for entrepreneurship. She would accompany and visit each participant's home to monitor the follow-up of this training. Hartono

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