Build Anti-Corruption Ecosystem, Petrokimia Gresik Achieves Certificate of ISO 37001 SMAP Implementation Consistency

05 July 2021 17:00 / Corcom of PG / 4100x viewed

Petrokimia Greisk (PG) is always build an ecosystem of anti-corruption. Running a business which clean form corruption practical through Anti-Corruption Management System or known and abbreviate as SMAP. This commitment got support from all employee of Petrokimia Gresik, then success to achieves the Certificate of ISO 37001 SMAP Implementation Consistency, on Monday (5/7).

President Director of PG, Dwi Satriyo Annurogo explained that implementation consistency of SMAP is inline with corporate value namely AKHLAK, that is Trustworthy, Competent, Harmony, Loyal, Adaptive, and Collaborative. This commitment is become pivotal, because PG got a mandate from government to produce and distribute subsidized fertilizer to maintain national food security.

“I am appreciating the supports from employee and stakeholder to make a clean and integrity in Petrokimia Gresik,” said the President Director.

Further, President Director explained that ISO 37001 SMAP is a commitment of PG to optimizing Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in running the operational with transparency principal. Because, this certificate implementation can grow anti-corruption culture, and realize superior above other competitors.

“Thus, the reputation and trust from stakeholders to Petrokimia Gresik will increase,” said President Director.

From a business perspective, he continued, SMAP can minimize potential financial losses. Thus, the business processes in the company will be more efficient and can increase the competitiveness of PG products so as to facilitate joint efforts to become market leaders and dominant players in the agro-industry sector.

“SMAP is a commitment of Petrokimia Gresik in holding good company to increase the competitiveness,” he said.

This consistency certificate was achieved after PG conducted an audit for two days. The Independent Auditor has assessed that the implementation of SMAP ISO 37001 PG has been carried out consistently. In fact, they appreciate the innovations made by PG in the implementation of the ISO 37001 SMAP. (SEP/WA)

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