The Spots Are Too Cool To Pass Up

13 October 2020 09:11 / PG Public Relation / 10061x viewed

In August 2020, Petrokimia Gresik (PG) expanded the Research Product Application Test Area at the Experimental Garden in an area of ​​1.4 hectares, so that the total area currently reaches around 7.5 hectares. This area is not only a place for implementing PG's commitment to strengthen the direction of research-based company development, but also as a means of agro-ecotourism for the surrounding community. PG as an agroindustry solution company seeks to give an understanding to the public, especially millennials about the importance of sustainable agriculture, to realize national food security. In this area, visitors can enjoy the garden atmosphere in the middle of the dense industrial city of Gresik, as well as get education about a variety of cultivation, especially plants.

The community does not only experience a “new customer experiencethere, but can also enjoy suitable facilities for updates status on social media.

The following are interesting spots and of course “Instagramable” that you can enjoy in the Petrokimia Gresik Research Product Application Test Area, on Jalan Noto Prayitno, Gresik. (GEMA PG)

1. Glass House
It is a facility for research activities on greenhouse scale applications. The green leaves here make us feel like in a cool garden. Glass house or greenhouse is one of the facilities for researcher that requires a controlled environment to produce valid data as a basis for field-scale application tests.

2. Screen Houses
There are 2 (two) screen houses or net houses that contain horticultural flowers and fruits. Cultivation in this screen house uses Petro Nitrate, Phonska Plus and liquid organic fertilizer Phonska Oca. This is definitely be beautiful spot and attractive when all the plants appear the flowers and fruits.

3. Fish Pond
There are two ponds here,ornamental fish and consumption fish here. The ornamental fish that are cultivated include koi fish. Meanwhile, the consumption fish that are cultivated gold fish, nila and tilapia fish. This fish cultivation uses the best products of probiotics Petrofish and triple action, namely growing natural food, improving fish health, and suppressing the growth of harmful microbes, thereby improving water quality. The gurgling water and luxurious colors of the koi fish are perfect for “Instastory”.

4. Hydroponics
There are 4 (four) hydroponic systems prepared here, namely Vertical Hydroponic, Floating Raft, Aquaponic, and Dutch Bucket. Hydroponic products that grow fresh and are suitable for camera objects are produced from cultivation with fertilizer Petro Ponic which contains macro and micro nutrients to meet the nutrient needs of hydroponic cultivated plants.

5. Livestock Area
In the cage prepared cute rabbits and unique turkeys. While there, you must not realize that you are in Gresik City. This livestock culture uses probiotics Petro Biofeed for ruminants and Petro Chick for poultry which can increase digestive tract metabolism, thereby increasing productivity and maintaining the health of livestock.

6. Food Crops Area
This area contains rice plants with 3 (three) types of rice, namely Basmati Rice or Long-grain Rice originating from the South Asian region, which is widely used in Arab and Indian cuisine, then rice that is tolerant of swamps and stagnant water, as well as Japonica Rice or Short-grain Rice originating from Japan. This rice field, which is still rare in Indonesia, adds to the uniqueness of this spot.

7. Horticultural Plant Area
Contains various vegetable plants with two types of vegetables, including fruit vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant and cauliflower. Then leaf vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens, and lettuce. Guaranteed to be fresh and present a mountain atmosphere.

8. Area of ​​Annual Fruit Plants
plants of various fruits such as guava, orange, sugar apple, durian, nutmeg, and others are also here. It's getting more special!

9. Petromart
Petromart is an agricultural outlet or shop that retails non-subsidized fertilizer products and Petrokimia Gresik Group development products, such as biological products, seeds, processed food products, and pesticides. You can get an agricultural consultation here.

10. Mustikarasa Cafe & Resto
Last thing that is one of the mainstays of this place is Mustikarasa Cafe & Resto. This place is an area to enjoy various processed garden products and signature dishes after visiting the Research Product Application Test Area. This café and restaurant is unique because it serves a menu from the recipe book of the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno, entitled "Mustikarasa".

This place is too cool to pass up. Apart from getting new experiences, the spots arealso suitable for making snapshots camera. Guaranteed you will forget when you are in Gresik.