Transform or Get Out

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The PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG) President Director's face-to-face events with Petrokimia Gresik People took place at Tri Dharma Multi-Purpose Building, January 2nd, 2019. This two-way communication forum was attended by the Board of Directors and PG employees from Grade I up to the lowest level, as well as SKPG Management. The core event series was presented with the explanation of PG performance evaluation in 2018, and its preparation in facing challenges in 2019, as well as questions and answers.

Starting the core event, PG President Director, Rahmad Pribadi, invited all PG people to jointly pray for our brothers and sisters who were at that time experiencing natural disasters, to be given patience by the Almighty God, so that they could rise soon back to start a better life. The President Director also invited us all to always ask for protection and salvation from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

The President Director said that the town hall meeting or face-to-face meeting at the beginning of this year was very important, because it was a direct two-way communication between top management and all employees, with the aim of equalizing perception and vision in running the company's business.

The President Director appreciated the performance in 2018, but reminded us all not to fall asleep in the comfort zone, so that we would not be ready to face the challenges ahead. The President Director invited all PG people to be more energetic in making innovative breakthroughs. Internal competition and collaboration must be able to exist simultaneously to create the new success. The President Director considered that the founding fathers, and PG people were great human resources, so far it has been tested and successfully passed various challenges. For this reason, the President Director hoped that the support and enthusiasm for renewal should continue to be encouraged in facing challenges in 2019, especially preparing ourselves regarding to changes in the scheme of fertilizer subsidies.

"Let's welcome 2019 with the spirit of transformation. Work hard, cooperate, compete, and collaborate, so that PG can become a leader in agro-industry!", the President Director said.

The town hall meeting entitled as Transform or Get Out (TOGO) was held pleasantly, filled with PG music band performances, D'Green, and spontaneous stand up comedy from several PG employees. Hartono

Photo :

President Director's Face-to-Face Event with PG Employees, at Tri Dharma Multi-Purpose Building. Photo: Public Relations PG_Murahman

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