Rahmad Pribadi Becomes The President Director of Petrokimia Gresik

01 November 2018 09:21 / PG Public Relation / 10035x viewed

Rahmad Pribadi officially became President Director of Petrokimia Gresik (PG) after the results of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPS-LB) of Petrokimia Gresik held in Jakarta, Wednesday, October 31st, 2018. Before occupying this position, Rahmad Pribadi had served as Director of HR and General Affair in 2016-2017, and President Director of PT Semen Baturaja in 2017-2018. Rahmad Pribadi replaced Nugroho Christijanto who serves the new position as Director of Business Transformation in PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) since October 26th 2018.

The meeting which was attended by the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors of PG, as well as the shareholders, also appointed Pending Dadih Permana as the Commissioner of PG replacing Andy Muawiyah Ramli. Hartono

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