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The Petrokimia Gresik Employee Wives Association well-known as PIKPG carried out the “Action Cleanup and Sorting Waste from Home”. The activities carried out at the PIKPG Office are in commemoration of the World Cleanup Day 2020. Implementation of activities that are in line with the Indonesia Clean Movement carried out by the “Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP)” Ministry of SOE - the Heads of State-Owned Enterprises Wifes Association has a positive impact on families big PIKPG. As part of the Heads of State-Owned Enterprises Wifes Association, PIKPG implements the program through the "Action Cleanup and Sorting Waste from Home" led directly by the Head of PIKPG, Atik Dwi Satriyo Annurogo.

Apart from involving PIKPG management and members, the waste sorting activity also collaborates with the "Bank Sampah Meduran Bersatu (BSMB)” a garbage bank managemet, which is under the guidance of PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG).

The waste sorting results are entirely submitted to BSMB, which was founded in 2011, for further processing. Waste separation is carried out according to the type of waste, including paper, metal, plastic and glass waste. This activity is also a manifestation of PIKPG's commitment to supporting the Company (PG) which is proclaiming plastic waste reduction through the "Smart Plastics" program. Reducing plastic consumption aims to maintain a clean environment, considering that plastic takes a long time to break down.

The waste sorting activity on Thursday morning (17/09/20) was carried out by strictly implementing health protocols for all involved. Start using the mask properly and correctly, wash your hands with soap and running water, and keep your distance. In addition to maintaining a clean environment, this activity also supports habits in a clean and healthy lifestyle, which is one of the efforts to prevent the spread of Covid 19.


The Clean Indonesia National Movement (CINM) are movements programmed by the Central Government which aim to motivate and encourage the community to be more concerned about cleaning and making their environment healthy. CINM or better known as the Clean Indonesia Movement was launched by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), in Jakarta (28/04/2019).

Meanwhile, World Cleanup Day (WCD) is a clean-up action that is carried out globally, and simultaneously throughout the world. This world cleaning day which is commemorated every September 21 aims to unite people from various cultures, religions, tribes and races to clean the world from the waste problem. Through WCD, it is hoped that it can increase our concern for the problem of waste, and foster the value of love for the future of the earth. The first WCD on 15 September 2018 was successfully carried out simultaneously in 157 countries, uniting 18 million people from all over the world, and collecting 88,500 tons of waste. Next, the second WCD on September 21, 2019, was successfully carried out simultaneously in 180 countries, uniting 21.2 million people and collecting 100,000 tons of waste. (Doni AS / Hartono)

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