Petrokimia Gresik Holds Planting Season Alert in Central Java and DIY

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Petrokimia Gresik is an Agro-Industry Solution company and a member of Pupuk Indonesia holding company held an event called "Ready for the Planting Season with Distributors in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) and Central Java", Friday (23/10/20).

Operation and Production Director (DOP) of Petrokimia Gresik, Digna Jatiningsih explained that this event was held in order to ensure the availability of fertilizer at the start of the October-March planting season (Ocmar). Moreover, the government has provided an additional reallocation of subsidized fertilizers by 10 percent from the initial allocation, so that nationally the total is now 8.8 million tons for 2020. Petrokimia Gresik assignments have also increased, from 4.72 million tons to 4.98 million tons.

"This is a multiple motivation for Petrokimia Gresik to optimize the distribution of subsidized fertilizers at the rest of 2020," said Digna.

Especially for Yogyakarta and Central Java, the reallocation of subsidized fertilizers has also increased. Yogyakarta received an additional 15.345 tons, up 23% from 66.024 tons to 81.369 tons. Meanwhile, Central Java received an additional 400 thousand tons, up 28% from 1.38 million tons to 1.78 million tons.

"This addition is vital to maintaining national food security through increasing agricultural productivity amid the Covid-19 outbreak. Petrokimia Gresik and Distributors unite strong determination, solid cooperation, and positive synergy to maximize the distribution of subsidized fertilizers in Yogyakarta and Central Java, "said Digna.

Digna also urged Distributors to continue to redeem subsidized fertilizers, and then distribute them to Farmers kiosks which are scattered throughout the Province according to their respective regions.

"We guarantee that subsidized fertilizers will always be available in all of our Buffer Warehouses in Yogyakarta and Central Java in accordance with applicable regulations. Therefore, Petrokimia Gresik and Distributors are committed to providing subsidized fertilizer stock in the Distributor Warehouse for the needs of at least 2 weeks according to the allocation, "explained Digna.

Digna emphasized that Regional Sales Staff and Regional Sales Officers must can be more active in cooperating with Kiosk Farmers' Groups, Provincial and District Agriculture Offices to maximize the absorption of subsidized fertilizers in Yogyakarta and Central Java.

"Provide education about the redemption mechanism for subsidized fertilizers, especially during periods of relaxation in using the Farmer Card, so that there will be no confusion among farmers or stall, "said Digna.

Furthermore, Digna ensures that Petrokimia Gresik will maintain the availability of fertilizers for farmers, including providing non-subsidized fertilizers (including Phonska Plus, Petro Ningrat, and Petro Nitrat) at the assisted stalls. The availability of non-subsidized fertilizers is expected to be an alternative choice for farmers so that land productivity can be increased. (Sep/Hartono)

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