Petrokimia Gresik Communication Management Won Awards at the 14th SPS Awards

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Petrokimia Gresik's communication performance received appreciation at the national level for the management of the company's internal magazine and social media. Petrokimia Gresik, which is an Agroindustrial Solutions company and a holding member of the Pupuk Indonesia, won the Gold Winner Indonesia Inhouse Magazine Awards (InMA) 2023 in the ‘Majalah Internal Anak BUMN’ Category and the Bronze Winner Indonesia Digital Media Award (IDMA) in the Corporate Social Media Category at "The 14th United Press Company (SPS) Awards" in Jakarta.

Separately, Vice President of Corporate Communication of Petrokimia Gresik, Rama Yusron Harbiansyah, Tuesday (21/3) said that SPS is an organization where press publishers and major media in Indonesia gather, and through This award is a form of recognition of the communication management of Petrokimia Gresik, especially in internal magazines and social media shows that it run optimally.

"Petrokimia Gresik will certainly manage the company's communication even better, both for internal and external media. This will make it easier for stakeholders to access information about Petrokimia Gresik, one of which is through GEMA for internal magazines and social media for external parties," said Rama.

GEMA's internal magazine, which is now almost 45 years old, is not only presented in the form of conventional magazines or sheets of paper but also packaged and blasted digitally. This magazine content provides space and becomes a bridge for employees to convey their ideas and creativity, thus providing added value for the company.

As for social media, Petrokimia Gresik has two main channels, namely Instagram with the account name @petrokimiagresik_official and the official Petrokimia Gresik Youtube channel. Through both, Petrokimia Gresik not only informs about the company's programs and activities but also interacts with netizens in socialization content, and gives information about agriculture, as well as social and environmental campaigns.

Through this achievement, he hopes that all business lines in Petrokimia Gresik will continue to collaborate to build better corporate communication so that Petrokimia Gresik programs can be known to stakeholders as a whole corporate.

"Hopefully this achievement can be a motivation for Petrokimia Gresik personnel to continue to develop communication strategies to build a positive reputation for the company," concluded Rama.

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