Free Circumsicion of Petrokimia Gresik Program Is Followed By 23 Children

02 December 2020 07:40 / PG Public Relation / 5266x viewed

Petrokimia Gresik in collaboration with Grha Husada Hospital was held a social activity for New Normal Free Circumcision in 2020. The Agenda for Circumcision which was carried out mass in previous years, in 2020 will be held with a different implementation system. New Normal Free Circumcision will be held on Monday - Tuesday, November 30 to December 1 2020, followed by 23 children from areas around the company.

The concept of New Normal Free Circumcision carries a promotion to not be afraid of activities in the Covid-19 pandemic, as long as and all activities are carried out by strictly implementing health protocols. Beginning of the registration process is done online, the use of messaging application for transmitting the information until the time of circumcision performed. Everything is carried out by complying with health protocols, to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The circumcision action of the Petrokimia Gresik CSR program was carried out at Grha Husada Hospital. Participants and companions must wear masks and wash their hands before entering the hospital building. The re-registration process is accompanied by an initial health check in the form of body temperature and a rapid test antibody. Only participants with non-reactive results can be circumcised. Meanwhile, participants with reactive results were directed to the nearest health center for further treatment.

Participants then went to the desk concent information to record a more detailed medical history, before heading to the circumcision room. There are 3 (three) circumcision rooms provided, each with 2 (two) officers. The circumcision process was monitored directly by a surgeon specialist, Dr. Caesar Ayudha, Sp.B.

All officers are required to use complete PPE. The action room was prepared with the windows open to facilitate air exchange in the room, and minimize the potential for aerosol dispersal. The room is cleaned and disinfected after each circumcision is completed.

Circumcision participants also get a package of circumcision pants and sarong, as well as an allowance of IDR 250 thousand each. In addition, there is also a facility to carry out post-circumcision control at Grha Husada Hospital with the provision that it is obligatory to apply proper health protocols. Anggun CSR