Must Do Business Transformation

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Petrokimia Gresik Employee Cooperative (K3PG) held a Special Members Meeting (RAK) at Wisma Kebomas, Thursday (4/4/2019). The 2019 K3PG RAK Agenda is "Inauguration of Management and Supervisors of 2019-2022 Period". In this RAK, Petrokimia Gresik (PG) Director of Finance, Human Resources and General Affairs, Dwi Ary Purnomo, appointed Adityo Wibowo as K3PG Treasurer, and Agung Wahjunto as K3PG Supervisor. Each respectively replaced Masrevita Vipawati and Pinto whose active roles have ended.

The inauguration was witnessed directly by Gresik Regency Head of Cooperative, Micro Business, Industrial and Trades, Agus Budiono. The RAK event was also attended by PG Marketing Director, Meinu Sadariyo, PG Production Director, I Ketut Rusnaya, YPG Chairman, SKPG Chairman, and Grade I and II PG officials.

PG Director of Finance, Human Resources and General Affairs, Dwi Ary Purnomo, said that all K3PG members would support the latest Management and Supervisors to develop K3PG to be bigger and towards better condition. Be reminded that the future business challenges are getting tougher. To answer those challenges, Petrokimia Gresik run business transformation towards the Agroindustry Solution company. It is expected that K3PG will also be able to do business transformation. K3PG must improve its professionalism, integrity and leadership, as well as evaluate and create new future.

"The essence of transformation is not to repeat past successes, but to create a new and better future", he said.

Meanwhile, K3PG Chairman, Rohmad, hoped that the new team could improve collaboration and synergy in K3PG to be more effective and inspirative, also being able to manage organizational management in accordance with the existing development, so that K3PG will grow more to improve its members’ welfare. Hartono

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