Improving the Cooperation for Development Products

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Improvement in Cooperation for Production and Sales of Development Products in 2019 between PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG) and PT Petrosida Gresik was held in Gresik, Thursday (08/05/19). The signing was carried out by PG Marketing Director, Meinu Sadariyo, and PT Petrosida Gresik President Director, Hery Widyatmoko.

The cooperation would be a change in the collaboration scheme in production and sales of development products from off-take pattern into Production and Sales Cooperation through a licensing pattern. The goal is to cut the production and supply process lines, therefore achieving lower production cost and competitive selling price, so that development products become the dominant player in the market.

Development products being collaborated with PT Petrosida Gresik were divided into 2 categories, there were seeds and processed products (Petroseed, Petro Hi-Corn and Fit Rice) and non-seeds (Petro Bio Fertil, Petro Chick, Petro Biofeed, Petro Fish and Petro Gladiator).

PG Marketing Director, Meinu Sadariyo said, PT Petrosida should be able to produce products in accordance with the SOP and applicable quality requirements. After development products were ensured their guaranteed quality, PT Petrosida Gresik should play an active role in its promotional activities to increase development product sales.

"We hope, (that) through effective promotions and strong synergy between the distribution networks owned by PT Petrokimia Gresik and PT Petrosida’s, the sales target for development products in 2019 RKAP can be achieved," said PG Marketing Director.

The collaboration carried out by PG and PT Petrosida was one of PG's efforts in overcoming problems in agro-industry field, in order to support the achievement of National Food Security program. Hartono

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