Redefine AKHLAK as a Sentence of Sawa

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AKHLAK is reviewed in three conceptions of living value, the sentence of sawa, and the historical experience of Indonesian people. Historically, AKHLAK is not only a basic philosophy. Moreover, AKHLAK are the aggregate of the values of Amanah (Trustworthy), Kompeten (Competent), Harmonis (Harmony), Loyal, Adaptif (Adaptive), and Kolaboratif (Collaborative) that already live, grow and develop within all personnel of SOE as a living value in their activities daily.

Reflection from that historical experience places AKHLAK as a unifying node (common denominator) and not as a debatable terminology or concept. This union is sourced and at the same time bound in the meaning of the word AKHLAK itself which is taken from the root word khuluk in Arabic which means behaviour, character or temperament. In terms, morality is a trait that a person has, has been attached and will usually be reflected in the person's behaviour. Thus, this bond is more personal-emotional to achieve a common goal.

AKHLAK is a sentence of sawa (meeting point) for all SOE entities, namely 'same denominator' for companies with different entities, which transform business diversity into business units, of course without each company losing its advantages and distinctive characteristics.

This AKHLAK concept changes divergence mindset into convergence, answers all assignments with trust, practices and moves from amateur to competent, changes competition and differences into more harmonious factors. Re-energizing the meaning of Loyalty in business dynamics, changing a rigid business style to be more Adaptive, and converting the company's exclusivism into the spirit of Collaboration. Interpret it in such a way, so that AKHLAK becomes the legitimacy of the existence of a unified State-Owned Enterprise. Even in the future, it is not impossible that other companies that were all established through ratification from the government will adopt teaching the appreciation and understanding of AKHLAK, as the basic values ​​of their companies.

Of course, in the course of just one year, AKHLAK for a business process are not a necessity, I prefer to view AKHLAK as living organisms, we must take care of them continuously throughout the year, we must regularly ask ourselves at least once a year, where are our morals and how we implement it in our daily life. Let's continue to dig deeper into the essence of AKHLAK as part of the contextual business appreciation to fill the values ​​contained in it.

As a value concept that has theological and interreligious dimensions, AKHLAK requires us to realize the common good (praxis) in business and life. Thus, the values ​​of AKHLAK are no longer understood in a very inclusive manner, but also performative in action. This means that extracting inspiration from the AKHLAK spirit is no longer sufficient at the level of orthodoxy (teaching/campaigns in each company) but also orthopraxis (business performance and community service). In principle, the entire value contained in AKHLAK must be understood as a 'verb' that moves SOE Personnel to realize social rituals that are prosperous. AKHLAK must present the face of a humanist of SOE. This is our common challenge. (*/Ihwan/Wildan)

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