Gema Petrokimia Gresik Succeed Fend For the Gold Winner Tradition

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GEMA an internal magazine of Petrokimia Gresik which agroindustry solution company and the holding member of PT Pupuk Indonesia success brought award in national event called The 9thIndonesia Inhouse Magazine Awards (InMA) which was held by Union Press Company (SPS) Indonesia. GEMA achieved 2 (two) Gold Winner for edition 306 (March 2019) printed version, and edition of 311 (August 2019) e-magazine version. The prestigious awards "The Best of State Own Enterprise Inhouse Magazine 2020" and "The Best of E-State Own Enterprise Magazine Inhouse Magazine 2020" were received by the Editor in Chief of GEMA, as well as the Public Relations Manager of Petrokimia Gresik, Muhammad Ihwan F at the Mercure Hotel, Banjarmasin, Friday (02/07/2020).

Alhamdulillah the performance of Petrokimia Gresik Public Relations in packing corporate information through GEMA internal magazine is recognized again by stakeholder. These awards were an appreciation from Indonesian press industry community to the quality publication product of Petrokimia Gresik which is in accordance with Journalism standard, good design and content,” said Muhammad Ihwan.

This Gold Winner award is not the first time for GEMA Magazine. Last year in the "8th InMA" event or in 2019, GEMA Magazine also won two Gold Winners.

GEMA participated in the InMA event since 2016, and at the beginning of its participation succeeded in bringing home the Bronze Winner, then achieved the Silver Winner in 2017, and consistently improved its achievements by winning the Gold Winner at the "7th InMA" in 2018.

Ihwan said, the award was dedicated to all consumers and customers of the company, the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners, and all Petrokimia Gresik employees. He hopes this achievement can spur employees at Petrokimia Gresik to continue to work and perform better.

The InMA awards night which was held in Banjarmasin was the annual summit event of the highest award given by SPS Indonesia for magazine creators. The event that carries the big theme “Kreasi Yang Menginspirasi Negeri“ (Creations that Inspire the Country) was simultaneously carried out in commemoration of the National Indonesia Press Day (HPN) 2020.

To be the best in the InMA event, Petrokimia Gresik competed together with 173 entries. The selection of winners was based on the evaluation of nine judges from various backgrounds.

One of he InMA Judges, Asmono Wikan who is also as the General Secretary of SPS Indoensia admit that there are a lot of advance which is shown by corporate in preserving the information about their business to the reader, both from content or cover design.

Asmono said that creativity in the presentation of print media must be enriched with new ideas because currently the world of media has also been disrupted along with the industrial revolution 4.0 which prioritizes digitalization. Luhung/Hartono

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