SNI : 02-2801-1998


  • Maximum water content of 0.50%
  • Maximum Biuret rate 1%
  • Nitrogen content at least 46%
  • The shape of the grain is not dusty
  • White color (non subsidies)
  • The pink color for Urea Subsidized
  • Packed in pouch with 50 kg contents

Nature of Urea Fertilizer

  • Higroscopic
  • Easily soluble in water

Benefits of Nitrogen nutrients contained in Urea fertilizers

  • Make parts of plants more green and fresh
  • Accelerate growth
  • Adding to the protein content of the crop

Symptoms of lack of Nitrogen nutrients in plants

  • The whole plant is pale yellowish
  • Plant growth is slow and dwarf
  • The old leaves are yellowish. In rice plants begin from the tip of the leaves spread to the bones
  • The imperfect fruit growth is often cooked before its time
  • If in severe condition the leaves become dry starting from the bottom of the plant continuously to the top of the plant
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