ZA Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer increases the production of sugar cane and sugar crystalline (rendeman), and the greenery is fresh

Spesifikasi Brochure


  • Minimum nitrogen 20.8%
  • sulfur at least 23.8%
  • Water content up to 1%
  • Maximum free acid level as H2SO4 0.1%
  • Crystal shape
  • White color
  • Orange for subsidized ZA
  • Packed in bags with Golden Buffalo contents of 50 kg

Benefits of Nutrient Sulfur (S) and Nitrogen (N)

  • Increase production of sugar cane & crystal sugar (Rendeman)
  • Improve the quality class of the crop by improving the color, aroma, taste, and bulb size and more stiffness
  • Helps greener plants
  • Make the plants fresh greens
  • Accelerate and increase plant growth ie plant height, number of branches, and number of babies
  • Increase the content of harvested protein


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