Fertilizer for Specification Commodity

Fertilizer and fertilization technologies are developed to the improvement of fertilization efficiency, hence for the more efficiency of fertilizer usage, appropriate fertilizer formulas are demanded, those are Specific Commodity and Specific Location Fertilizers.

Advantages Brochure
Pupuk Spesifikasi Komoditi



Fertilization application is more practical because it does not need to mix several types of single fertilizer


Able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of fertilizer use


Able to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural produce


Formulas, forms, and types of raw materials adjust consumer demand


Anticipate and overcome problems if there is a scarcity of one type of single fertilizer


Facilitate transportation, storage and other handling


Here are some Specific Commodity and specific location fertilizer formula:
1NPK 10-11-10-4MgCocoa
2NPK 12-10-16-2MgPepper
3NPK 12-6-22-3MgPalm tree
4NPK 13-6-27-4Mg-0,65BPalm tree
5Petro KalimasHorticulture
6Petromina (NP 20-10)Pond
7NPK 20-6-6Sugarcane and Rice
8NPK 15-15-6-4MgPalm tree
9NPK 12-12-17-2MgPalm tree
10NPK 12-12-12Rice and Corn
11NPK 17-0-28Palm tree
12NPK 10-15-20-1TE-0,1HAPalm tree
13NPK 12-11-20 (bebas Chlor)Tobacco
14NPK 14-13-9-2,5MgPalm tree

updated, 30042021


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