Pupuk Fosfat


Pupuk Phosgreen mampu meningkatkan mutu hasil panen dengan memperbaiki warna, aroma, rasa, dan besar buah atau umbi serta memacu pertumbuhan akar dan membentuk sistem perakaran yang baik.

Usability Brochure



Provides Ca and S nutrients for plants

Physical and Chemical Properties of the Soil

Improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil down to the bottom (subsoil)

Plant Root

Improve plant rooting


  • CaSO4.2H2O content: 90%
  • CaO rate: 30%
  • SO3 content: 42%
  • pH: 6 - 7
  • Form: powder
  • Color : Brownish white

Benefits of Elements on Plants

The role of Sulfur nutrients (S)

  • Formation of chlorophyll in photosynthesis which produces starch, sugar, oil, fat, vitamins, and other compounds
  • Increase resistance to fungal attack
  • Serves in the activation of enzymes, which help in plant biochemical reactions

The Role of Calcium Nutrients (Ca)

  • Calcium plays a role in the development of plant root systems
  • Play a role in improving fruit quality
  • Play a role in the metabolism of other nutrients
  • Increases plant cell lengthening


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