Petro Niphos

Petro Niphos is a fertilizer for the vegetative phase of plants and leafy vegetables

Excellence Brochure
Petro Niphos


Rich Nutrient

Enriched with elements of Nitrogen, Phosphate and SulfurEnriched with elements of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Sulfur


Soluble in water (easy for application) Not easy to become alkaline because isn't absorbs water from the air

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of fertilizer use

Total Harvest Increases

Increase the amount and quality of the crop

Great Concoction

The results of concoction of raw materials through the right production process so as to produce a quality mixture of homogeneous products


  • N (Nitrogen) : 20%
  • P2O5 (Phosphate) : 20%
  • S (Sulphur) : 13%


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