Petro Gladiator

Petro Gladiator Decomposer The Right Solution to Waste Problems Speed up the process of decomposition of organic matter into compost

Benefit and Excellence Brochure
Petro Gladiator

Benefit and Excellence

Superior Microbes

Contains superior microbes from laboratory selection tests and field selection tests

Speed up decomposition

Accelerate the process of decomposition and improve organic nutrient content

Easy to apply

Easy in applications and can be used on all types of organic matter

Weed free

Seed-free seeds and harmful microbial pathogens

Organic Trash

Overcoming the problem of accumulating organic waste

Environtmentally Friendly

Safe and environmentally friendly


1. Contains functional microbes:

  • Trichoderma sp. (lignocelulolytic decomposers)
  • Bacillus sp. (cellulolytic decomposers)
  • Streptomyces sp. (cellulolytic decomposers)
  • Lactobacillus sp. (acid producer)

2. Shaped solid / powder (black) and liquid (brown)

3. Contains organic and mineral ingredients


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