Petro Calcium Sulphate

PETRO-CAS can improve the physical and chemical properties of soil and increase crop productivity

Usability Brochure



Provides Ca and S nutrients for plants

Physical and Chemical Properties of the Soil

Improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil down to the bottom (subsoil)

Plant Root

Improve plant rooting


  • CaSO4.2H2O content: 90%
  • CaO rate: 30%
  • SO3 content: 42%
  • pH: 6 - 7
  • Form: powder
  • Color : Brownish white

Benefits of Elements on Plants

The role of Sulfur nutrients (S)

  • Formation of chlorophyll in photosynthesis which produces starch, sugar, oil, fat, vitamins, and other compounds
  • Increase resistance to fungal attack
  • Serves in the activation of enzymes, which help in plant biochemical reactions

The Role of Calcium Nutrients (Ca)

  • Calcium plays a role in the development of plant root systems
  • Play a role in improving fruit quality
  • Play a role in the metabolism of other nutrients
  • Increases plant cell lengthening


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