Kapur Pertanian Kebomas (Lime Agriculture)

Kebomas Lime Agriculture improves physical, chemical, and biological properties of farmland and ponds

Spesification Brochure
Kapur Pertanian Kebomas


  • Level of CaCO3: 85%
  • Circular Permit: Ministry of Agriculture Letter No. 32 / fertilizer / PPI / 2/2007
  • Fine flour form
  • White color
  • Packed in bags with Golden Buffalo contents of 50 kg

Characters, Benefits, and Advantages of Kapur Pertanian Kebomas (Kebomas lime agriculture)

On Agricultural land

Increase soil pH to neutral, increase the availability of nutrients in the soil, neutralize toxic compounds both organic and non-inorganic, stimulate population & activity of soil microorganisms

On Plants

Spur root growth and form a good root, make plants greener and fresher and accelerate growth, increase production and quality of crops

At Pond

Increase pH in low farms, provide lime to replace the skin, eradicate disease pests, accelerate the process of decomposition of organic matter, increase the excess of carbon dioxide (CO) gas produced by the decay process

On Fish & Shrimp

With good water and soil conditions will accelerate the development of fish and shrimp and facilitate reproduction, increase fish and shrimp production


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