Petroganic fertilizers are enriched with Humic Acid, ZPT, and micro elements. Free Weeds Seed and Pathogenic Bacteria

Benefits and Advantages Brochure

Benefits and Advantages

  • Improve soil structure and soil regulation so that absorption of nutrients by plant roots becomes better
  • Improve soil water resources so that water availability in the soil becomes better
  • Become a buffer of nutrients in the soil so fertilizing becomes more efficient
  • Suitable for all types of soil and plant type
  • High organic C-content
  • Formed granules so easy in the app
  • Safe and environmentally friendly (free pathogenic microbes)
  • Free from weeds
  • Low water content is more efficient in transport and storage
  • Packed in a waterproof bag


The use of petroganic fertilizers in food crops and holticulture is entirely given to basic fertilization, while in hard crops is given at the beginning and end of the rainy season.


  • C-organic : Minimum 15%
  • C/N ratio : 15 - 25
  • Water content : Maximum 8-20%
  • pH: 4 - 9
  • Color: Blackish brown
  • Shape: Granule

Dosage and Use

  • Rice and Palawija : 500 - 1,000 kg per ha
  • Horticulture : 2.000 kg per ha
  • Hard plants : 3 kg per tree
  • Pond: 300 - 500 kg per ha


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